The Abbe Center for community mental health is an outpatient treatment center where qualified and caring professionals utilize a team approach to provide services to meet the mental health needs of individuals and the community.

Since 1949, the Abbe center has served as the premier provider of mental health services in Linn County, Iowa and the surrounding area. Our licensed professionals work as a team to provide diagnostic and treatment services. Team members include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, registered nurses, mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists. Our team approach facilitates the best possible outcomes for treatment of individual needs by making a variety of professionals with specialized skills accessible to our clients. We offer an array of mental health services designed to help clients of any age (children, adolescents, adults and older adults). Whether you're seeking evaluation and support for adjustments to problems that affect personal family or work life, or are in need of more extensive treatment for severe and persistent mental illness, the Abbe center staff can help.

Our services

Outpatient services include individual/family psychotherapy, group therapy, assessment/evaluation, medication management, consolidation/education, employee assistance programs, dual diagnosis, outpatient transitional living, school-based programs and emergency services.

Program of assertive community treatment (PACT) - Abbe Center's multiple disciplinary team provides comprehensive treatments for persons with chronic and persistent mental illness. Services are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client and are intended to be long-term, with the ability to rapidly increase or decrease service, as individual requirements change. The PACT team provides case management and direct support services.

Adult Day Treatment. Unique and innovative programs are designed to assist persons with serious and persistent mental illness to remain in the community or maintain social, vocational, and family ties while receiving appropriate psychiatric treatment. This approach encourages independent living and the development of a stable and sufficient support network, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditionally hospitalized patients.

Transitional Living Services are designed for persons with chronic debilitating mental illness who are leaving institutional care and beginning community living. A linked service delivery system provides clients with intensive on-site assistance in a natural setting, on a short-term basis. As clients move towards self sufficiency, assistance is provided in obtaining independent housing in the community and arranging for follow-up support services.

Community support program - Working with clients in the home, on-site or in community settings, Abbe Center staff coordinate services necessary for persons with serious and persistent mental illness to function within the community. Services include outreach efforts, crisis intervention, referrals to community resources, illness and medication education and individual group skill building.

Case management services as a valuable resource in effectively coordinating care with other care providers, payers and human service agencies. Community collaboration ensures that clients flow seamlessly through a continuum of care that best meets their individual needs and maximizes treatment success.

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