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AbbeHealth, Inc. and its affiliates respect your privacy and have implemented a Privacy Policy to help comfort growing misunderstandings about the Internet.

AbbeHealth, Inc. does not sell or trade any information about users. AbbeHealth, Inc. does not collect information about its visitors other than the minimum needed as outlined below for proper functioning of the web site. AbbeHealth, Inc. does not collect "cookies" at this time, if AbbeHealth, Inc. does implement "cookie" collection in time, the information shall only be used for internal uses.

Information collected for site security and internal marketing planning:

Originating IP Address or Domain
Referring Domain
Visitors Browser and Version
Visitors Operating System
Requested Page
Time and Date
Request Type

Any information voluntarily transmitted by e-mail or online submission form to AbbeHealth, Inc. or any of its affiliates may be recorded or downloaded into a computer for review and this information may be used in any purpose that AbbeHealth, Inc. or its affiliates deem necessary. This does not include release of any confidential or sensitive medical information. This transmission shall not be considered secure and may be intercepted by parties other than the affiliate or AbbeHealth, Inc. Sensitive personal information should not be transmitted over the Internet without a "Secure" connection, which AbbeHealth, Inc. does not use.

Collected information is only used for internal marketing, site development, and site security. Collected information will only be released to outside parties (other than site developers) by an authorized legal or security action, site development purposes, or subpoena. site developers, who are independent contractors may also view this information.

Generic, general information, and information that would not specifically identify a user may be released such as "4200 hits on 3/3/08" to be used to generate ad placement and other marketing uses.

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