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What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a medical profession, specializing in diagnosing and treating mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Our psychiatrists evaluate your mental health needs and may prescribe psychiatric medications, and will monitor effectiveness of symptom relief.

What is therapy?

Therapy is an extended conversation between the therapist and an individual, couple or family. The purpose of therapy is to set and achieve goals surrounding the improvement of one's identified issues. Some examples are mental health symptom relief, improving communication skills, or improving personal relationships (family, friends, co-workers).

How often will I see my therapist? How long will I need therapy?

The specifics regarding how often or how long you will be in therapy vary widely based on individual or family need. Everyone's situation is unique, your specific needs will be discussed during the first appointment. Insurance companies or other funders can limit the number of sessions covered.

Can I get medication right away?

Your first step is to come in to our Same Day Access services for an initial evaluation, at which your needs will be assessed with a licensed therapist. Depending on what you and the evaluating therapist decide, you could be referred for a follow up psychiatric appointment.  One will be scheduled for you at that time based on the recommendation.

What is the cost of services?

Assigned co-pays and the deductibles vary depending on your health insurance carrier.  Payment is expected at the time of services.  If you do not have insurance, there may be some financial assistance offered through the East Central Region of counties.  If you have questions about financial assistance, you can contact our Access and Registration Department at 319-398-3562.