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  • Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)
  • Supported Housing
  • Community Support
  • Home-Based Psychiatric Nursing

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) provides individualized care delivered by a multi-disciplinary team.  The team includes a Psychiatrist, Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Vocational Specialists, Substance Abuse Specialists and Case Managers.  The team provides a high intensity of outreach services to individuals struggling to recover from a serious mental illness such as Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder.  The team approach allows for timely interventions when an individual’s needs may change frequently.

Supported Housing assists individuals in being successful in the housing of their choice.  Services are available to provide skill teaching and support in the areas of symptom management, independent living and interpersonal relationships.  Emphasis is on providing the tools and supports for individuals to be happy and satisfied with their living environment.  Services may be provided in housing that offers on-site staff support or provided in other housing of their choice.

Community Support offers support to individuals in a natural setting such as their home or places within the community.  A wide variety of assistance is available including assistance with accessing community resources, ensuring basic needs of food/housing/medical care are met, developing natural supports, support and advocacy, education and employment planning or crisis intervention as needed.

Home Based Psychiatric Nursing services are provided by registered nurses that assist with medication administration, medication set up, coordination with labs/pharmacies/physicians and health and wellness education.  Emphasis is on improving the understanding of medications and establishing a routine of taking medications to reach maximum benefit.

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